Tobacco Field, Viñales, Cuba

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I made my first infrared photograph in 1986, fascinated by the idea of photographing light that we humans cannot see. While the results were often rewarding, exposure and focus were always a wild guess. I continued to dabble in infrared, but very sporadically.

Then about five or six years ago, I got a little pocket Leica--a D-Lux 6. After enjoying working with it for a year or so, I discovered that it was native sensitive to infrared using a Wratten #87. The fun began! The camera was mirrorless, and using a gray-scale viewing mode, I was able to see exactly what tones I would be photographing!

In January of 2019 my wife, Julie, and I took a group of photographers on a workshop adventure to Cuba. We discovered a country rich in history, beauty and resilience. If one ventures into the rural areas of Cuba, which we did, a visit to at least one tobacco farm is a must-do. I had never seen tobacco growing before, and when I noticed the lush huge green leaves, I just knew that the fields would come alive in infrared. I had moved up from the little Leica and was now using an IR converted Canon DSLR, composing in Live-View in gray-scale. Got it!

Archival Pigment Print on Canson Platine