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Nine days after Ansel passed away, I made a sort of pilgrimage up to Yosemite. I wanted to "just be" in a place that held so many memories of my mentor and friend of the last 11 years, and to contemplate his loss. About the time I reached the Park, it had started to rain. By the time I reached the Valley, it was really beginning to pour. I drove up to Inspiration Point, and, rain or not, I was surprised to find I had the whole magnificent view to myself. El Capitan and Cathedral Rocks were fading in and out of the mist, and I couldn't resist getting my 8x10 camera out and ready, just in case. It just felt like Ansel had set it all up for me. Fortunately, there was no wind, and I was able to record what I knew in my heart would be one of my favorite images. I gave the first print to Ansel's widow and a woman who so often felt like my "other mother," Virginia Adams.