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In 1993, Agfa developed a publicity/advertising campaign featuring water as a vital resource, and I was hired to make a series of landscape images of “water." I was given complete cart-blanche regarding subject scene and camera format, with the caveat that all materials used had to be Agfa. Wonderful!

I elected to work in Carmel/Big Sur and Yosemite — using 8x10, Agfapan 100, and Rodinal. Prints on Brovira. I started my week-long adventure in Big Sur, moving up to Point Lobos, back to Big Sur then on to Yosemite.

Since Agfa did not import their Agfapan 400 film into the US in 8x10 size, and I wanted to work in 8x10, I needed to adjust my thinking to include the need for slower shutter speeds, letting the water motion be part of my design. At my first stop at Point Lobos, I encountered this wonderful scene, with the contrast of the stillness of the water in a beautiful rock-pool against the undulating surf in the background rocks. All in a radiant glow from a thin foggy sky.

Silver gelatin print