Merced River Rapids from Happy Isles, Yosemite

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I made this image during Ansel Adams’ June 1975  Yosemite workshop when those wonderful sessions were 10 days long (down from the 1993 and earlier workshops that were two weeks long!).

In the interest of preserving the views at scenic spots, the Park Service in those days would clear away river debris and stream-side growth. As eco-desire to let “nature take its natural course” grew, such scenic maintenance was gradually set aside, and this spot at the up-stream end of Yosemite’s Happy Isles is now a calamity of fallen and washed-up trees and detritus. As I like to tell my workshop students, if you see it, photograph it! You might not be able to days, weeks or months later.

Cambo 4x5 Plus-X film pack

Silver gelatin print signed and numbered in a limited edition of 100.

Archival pigment print digitally signed and unlimited edition.