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In 1989, I got a call from an advertising agency asking me to make images of the Golden Gate Bridge for the Bank of America. Having grown up in Sausalito, the first town on the north side of the bridge, I had no desire to photograph something so familiar and so over-photographed. The art director was insistent, though, and even sweetened the pot by giving me free reign to do what I wanted. My only instructions....convey a sense of strength and make images that I would put in my own portfolio of fine art work. Hard to I didn't!

North Tower and Rocks was the first in the series of images I made for this project, and it remains my favorite. I knew I was going to do it even before I left the agency the day I agreed to take on the assignment. I went to the Lime Point lighthouse, just next to the bridge's north tower. The foggy weather was perfect and setting up my 8x10 camera was easy, but it took me nearly 45 minutes to actually get the shot. The herring were running, and the sky was full of bloated seagulls. I finally got a moment of bird-less sky and clicked the shutter.