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Toward the end of January in 1975, I had only been working for Ansel Adams as his #2 assistant for less than five months when I was asked to go up to Yosemite over a weekend to tend to a few matters at the Ansel Adams Gallery. I drove up to the Valley in my old VW Bus on January 24th and hooked up with a couple of workshop friends who were working at The Gallery at the time.

One of my to-do's over the weekend was to help the Gallery's new workshop director move his belongings from some temporary housing in the village of El Portal, outside the Park, up to a house behind the Gallery. In between moving, we spent some time driving around looking for photographs.

On Sunday morning, we headed up to Mirror Lake, where I made two nice images with my 4x5 camera. Later in the day, we made one last trip to El Portal for some furniture. The sky over Yosemite had started to get quite dramatic with what looked to be a huge storm building up. By late afternoon when we were driving back up to the Valley, the clouds had really built up. When we reached the area of the Old Yosemite Village near the church, we all had to pull over to savor the sight of the building storm. We were all awe-struck and went for our cameras. I was the only one whose camera gear wasn't buried under piles of boxes and furniture. I thought "just maybe" and pulled out my 4x5 case and tripod and put it on top of the moving boxes!

I made three images from that spot. This was the first. And it never did rain or snow...those huge clouds were just a tease.

General Edition and Sizing Information:

Limited Edition Prints signed and numbered in an edition of 100. Each print is made personally by me, printed either on Ilford Multigrade Classic fiber paper and selenium toned or on Canson Platine paper using a Canon Pro-1000 printer and my personal printing profiles. Mounted and over-matted on 4-ply or 8-ply museum board using the most current industry standards for archival permanence.

Open Edition Archival Pigment print made personally by me on Canson Rag Photographique paper using a Canon Pro-1000 printer and my personal printing profiles. Actual image size approximately 8x10 inches, over-matted to 14x17. Digitally signed. 


8x10 Open Edition - Image size approximately 8x10, over-matted to 14x17 on 4-ply museum board

11 x 14 – Image size approximately 9 x 11.5 inches, over-matted to 16x20 on 4-ply museum board.

16x20 – Image size approximately 14x18, over-matted to 22 x28 on 4-ply museum board

20x24 – Image size approximately 18x22, over-matted to 26x32 with 4-ply museum board

24x30 – Image size approximately 22x28, over-matted to 32x40 with 8-ply museum board

30x40 and larger – Archival Pigment Print over-matted to 40x50 on 8-ply museum board