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I have always loved the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado, and fall can be a very special time.  I have seen entire Aspen forests turn from green to yellow-gold overnight!

In 1977, on vacation from my position as Ansel's assistant, I treated myself to my favorite travel pastime of van-camping through the West: from Death Valley through Utah and Colorado, down to Santa Fe then back home to Carmel.

On this day, I was traveling from Ouray over the mountains to Silverton and noticed this beautiful lone Aspen in full fall color and sunlight with a mountainside backdrop of gray scree in shadow. I made the photograph hand-held using Ansel’s wonderful 4x5 Graflex, which I had borrowed for the trip.  A single-lens-reflex 4x5! Number 25 red filter, Kodak Plus-X Film-Pack. Probably developed in HC110.

Silver gelatin print.